October 23, 2008


Ducking out of America to avoid the final rough years of the Bush administration seemed like a good idea, but I'm beginning to feel like a McPalin white house wont just be an extension of the last misguided and senseless 8 years, but the second leg of a new era in neocolonialist American politics.

One Repeat - Passion Pit, Sleepyhead

October 5, 2008

Zeitgeist: Addendum

so look, HERE (or found below) is a link to a film that everybody (EVERYBODY!!) needs to be watching. i know you wont, because its (spoiler alert) 2 hours, and there is no car chase or sex scene or "shoot em ups". but i feel its my duty, as a responsible, informed person to pass this on to as many people as i can. this film is, in sort, a part 2 to the Zeitgeist film i posted last year, it gets a little fantastic in the middle, but really sets the story straight about the puppets and their masters. please, do yourself, and those around you, a favor and watch this film. there... the only thing i have ever asked of you, how did it go? what do you mean you dont have time? stop being assy, cancel that dumb thing you have planned, you can do it twice next week. after you watch it, tell a few people, it will make you feel better about the devastating state of the union (i promise, its already working for my hysteria)

ザイガイストの日本語字幕 (1),(2),(3) はここです。見てください。

October 4, 2008

Found Postcards vol. 4


Cologne, Germany, 1939, family of US Consul General practicing for a gas attack from the air

October 3, 2008

So then I said...

"the guys a sex addict"
"he's addicted to sex"
"whats wrong with that?"