August 27, 2007


welcome to the first installation of what promises to be many...

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see the instant fry maker HERE

August 26, 2007

Trans Pacific Adventure

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took me about 30 hours to get from san jose california to my apartment this week, 4 airports, 3 countries, 3 languages, 3 planes, a subway, a bus, a taxi and thousands of other players, here is a roundup of things i heard, read thought or said. in no particular order.

quarantine take off your glasses how many ounces is that its way too early for violence follow, Follow, FOLLOW! this is a no photo zone harassing TSA agents is a crime le me see all yal paspotes who else would have packed my bag, im 26 years old whats in the box do you have anything to declare is an airplane a good place to be trimming your nails no fireworks should i be leaving a secure area just to reenter a secure area its way too early for meat passport and boarding pass stay or transfer thats a lot of cigarettes this is a no photo zone meal service at 3 am? dad whats the dateline is that necessary i got so angry, but then it went away please act your age take off your hat this is a no photo zone why am i doing this again is this your first day on the job duty free shopping how much? no much? dont worry, its used! not a hot dog, a coffee!

August 25, 2007


looking at the PAGE for Alan Weisman's NEW BOOK, the world with out us, a look at where the planet would go in our absence. i couldnt help but notice similarities in his imagery vs a front page photo i saw today of flooding in chicago.
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August 24, 2007

i'm a Labowski you're a Lebowski

new book looks behind famous quotes and scenes, cast interviews and into the cult following that is all things lebowski
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buy your copy HERE

August 21, 2007


new squad i picked up in california
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August 20, 2007

August 19, 2007

Book Batch

im often asked what im reading. but due to my somewhat literarily isolated living conditions, i tend to buy a few months at a time in one blast, so i thought id share my newest load with all of you. if you have read, plan on reading, know about, or are curious about any of the following titles, please communicate with me. half the pleasure i get from reading is a post adventure discussion.


1- James Salter, Last Night

2- Harry Helms, Top Secret Tourism

3- Daniel Quinn, Ishmael

4- Jack Kerouac, Selected Letters 1940-1956

5- William Strauss and Neil Howe, The Fourth Turning

6- Mathew O'Brien, Beneath the Neon

7- David Sedaris, Barrel Fever

8- Mark Ehrman, Getting Out

9- Scott McCloud, Making Comics

10- James Salter, Solo Faces

11- Henry Miller, Black Spring

12- The Filth, 1st issue

13- Hi-Fructose, Mag

14- Wired, Mag

15- Juxtapoz, Mag

August 17, 2007

august 17


watch this movie. learn from this movie. take what ever you want from it, but please, think about it. here is the trailer. below is a link to the full version.


August 16, 2007

august 16

found some creepy nevada desert stuff on google maps today.

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here is the runway at area 51.

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not only does this "not exist", but its over 5 miles long. a typical international jumbo jet landing strip is about 2 miles. using that scale as a measurement tool, guess how gigantic all those hangers are??

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here is some rad design in the dessert, still in area 51, about 10 miles from the runway. its almost a mile from one side to the other. my guess is its an underground magnetic communication device that can be used without any outside source of power, used by pilots to navigate when all else fails.

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here is a great shot of the valley used/use for testing atomic weapons. everyone of those tiny circles is a detonation location, yes, thats right, hundreds of detonations.

August 15, 2007

August 14, 2007

august 14

mix japanese electronic experimentalist tujiko noriko's björk-like abstractions haunting vocals and soft dance beats with paris based producer Etienne bideau-rey, and what do you get? how about a beautiful ride away from this DEAD PLANET in a home made space craft.......

August 12, 2007

august 12

i am at the apple store trying out the new apple stuff. imac, ilife, that phone thing and i kind of think i hate most of it, but not sure yet. the new keyboard is wildly beautiful, but feels terrible. im only 2 lines into it and wish i had my little ibook keys back :( i took this horrible photo with the phone, but its not able to post it directly to anything but it self, so i mailed it to myself and am now at a 24 inch machine doing the rest. i wish i was using my 2 year old computer, not this.
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August 11, 2007

august 11

i was the victim of second hand fries today. was waiting to meet my sister and a guy decided to inhale supersize fries 15 inches away from me, i felt my own weight gain due strictly to proximity.
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August 7, 2007

august 7

The Great Happiness Space

View Full Movie HERE