March 29, 2008

Heavy Typing

i love this photo of a medical transcriptionist key board. she had been using it for 8.5 years. who would of thought that M and N are so much more popular that B J and K

Ben Saunders Polar Trek

iv been following ben saunders blog the past week or so. it's a live tale of his trip on cross country skis from canada to the north pole. he will be the second ever human to go it alone. thus far he traveled 10.25 nautical miles, with 395 to go. HERE is a fascinating list of his gear, ranging from clothes and cookware to a shot gun and tech gadgets, most of which was custom built for his trip. i find it brilliant that in a truly life threatening -40 degrees all alone in an area the size of the entire USA he is updating a blog and interacting with his followers.

March 22, 2008

Yosuke Yamashita

Pianist by day, pyro by night

March 17, 2008

40 days

had some friends visit this weekend amidst their 40 day college spring break. they arrived in Tokyo via 30 hour train ride

domo kun attacks my desk

March 11, 2008


came across this great pile of watches today.