April 12, 2007

april 12

slept in, shredded some old paperwork. thought about shredding a lot. what does the simple act of shredding tell us about the world we live in. there is a whole huge industry based on the act of destroying evidential information. cue sad face.....


josephgr9 said...

Ok I book-marked it, but it's kind of boring reading someone's diary.

what about shape, structure





what about all the questions you could be asking me/us?

such as, who came up with this format and why does it seem so lame?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Joseph, its almost sad to be reading someone's diary. Pathetic? I suck I read other people's diary. It seems Joseph has covered all of the important topics so there is really not much to say. Again, I suck.


Oh, I book marked it. I hope it gets better.