September 27, 2007

Gadget, Canon 400D

picked up the newestish canon SLR camera back in january, and have really been beating it up for the past 9 months. here is what i think about it.

+ takes great pics in 6 different modes
+ up to 10.1 megapix (raw)
+ an infinite amount of accessories (lenses, flashes, battery mods, cases...)
+ tourist auto mode if you cant be bothered to set up a great shot
+ bulb mode for trigger shooting
+ automatically reconfigures for portrait position
+ really simple to use, some SLR's can be a bit intimidating, but this cam is pretty stripped down
+ 2.5 inch LCD
+ .2 second start up time
- kind of heavy
- kind of fragile
- kind of pricey (was around 1,000 bucks, can be found now for $600)
Final score: if you want more than your point and shoot has to offer, this is a wonderful direction to go.

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