October 2, 2007

Sunshine vs. Monster's Ball

strolling through the isles of my local video rental shop today, and much to my surprise is Danny Boyle's newest film, sunshine. i was a bit confused because its fairly new, and japan typically gets film muuuuuch later than the states.
watched it, enjoyed the nerdyness, found the unrealistic science easy to overlook due to the great slow panning shots that mr boyle has made a fine career out of.
as the credits roll, i notice that DNA films is responsible for the making of sunshine, which is based in London, which tells me all about why i am renting this film in japan and you are not (assuming you are in the states), which is the same reason that i read Haruki Murakami's newest book, after dark, 2 years ago (it just hit stores in USA this summer), which is why the absolute greedy lock down of anything coming from, managed or produced by, or having anything at all to do with anybody or thing in the states is mind numbing and eventually counterproductive. any suggestions as to how releasing monster's ball on dvd in japan this month is a good idea from the studio that made, promoted and released it elsewhere 6 years ago? yeah, me neither

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