February 8, 2008


give me a T......"T"
give me an O......"O"
give me a KYO....."KYO"
whats that spell?......"TOKYO!"

well, its official, i have relocated to Tokyo, the Hub of Japan, and possibly the whole of Asia. I am all moved into a beautiful old apartment just outside of the epicenter. i thought to welcome myself, i would give some tips of moving to a new city....so without further adooo

Ian's Tips for Moving to a new city

t s

1- establish land marks. they become great reference points when you exit the subway, or after being lead somewhere unfamiliar, or after becoming wildly lost.

2- dont just find, but understand the local restroom situation. (keep in mind this is coming from a victim of ulcerative colitis and a life long irritable bowel syndrome sufferer) where are the toilets in and around your neighborhood, place of work and or fun? what is the status of said bathrooms? clean? busy? decent toilet paper? size of stall? these may prove to be highly valuable details one day, or many days, depending on you and your personal guts.

3- what is the Indian curry situation? locations? cost? atmosphere? quality?

4- again, dont just use, but understand the transit system. what is the difference between an express and rapid train? are there alternate routes to the same location? oh, and time tables.

5- know and understand anything niche you have developed in your life. for me this means things that pertain to fresh coffee, bicycles, books, gadgets, toys and vegetarianish things to name a few.

6- i saved the most important thing for last: observe people, especially those who you see yourself as. where are the going? where are the eating? where are they drinking? where are the having coffee and buying music and seeing art and meeting one another. why are they dashing to that train and not the one you planned to get on? how are they behaving on the streets and in subway stations?

god speed

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