July 19, 2008

i want my money back - iPhone "3G"

So finally, after waiting for what seems like multiple lifetimes, the "3G" iPhone arrives, with guns blazing. GPS, white or black, half price, 3 "G's", a touchy screen, third party applications, dangerously shiny, better battery life, and ...oh i don't know, lets say, a...can opener.
But lets take a deeper look here, whats under all that shiny touchiness? It may have 3 "G's", but how about a meat tenderizer? 12 gauge shotgun shell re loader? book binder? thumbtack sharpener? No. No it does not. You can put as many "G's" in a phone as you want, but without a laser pointer and a pasta strainer it means nothing to me, i want my money back.

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