August 19, 2007

Book Batch

im often asked what im reading. but due to my somewhat literarily isolated living conditions, i tend to buy a few months at a time in one blast, so i thought id share my newest load with all of you. if you have read, plan on reading, know about, or are curious about any of the following titles, please communicate with me. half the pleasure i get from reading is a post adventure discussion.


1- James Salter, Last Night

2- Harry Helms, Top Secret Tourism

3- Daniel Quinn, Ishmael

4- Jack Kerouac, Selected Letters 1940-1956

5- William Strauss and Neil Howe, The Fourth Turning

6- Mathew O'Brien, Beneath the Neon

7- David Sedaris, Barrel Fever

8- Mark Ehrman, Getting Out

9- Scott McCloud, Making Comics

10- James Salter, Solo Faces

11- Henry Miller, Black Spring

12- The Filth, 1st issue

13- Hi-Fructose, Mag

14- Wired, Mag

15- Juxtapoz, Mag


ddb said...

yo yo yo yo

I am a HUGE david sedaris fan--and I'd recommend 'Me Talk Pretty One Day" over barrel fever--but there is some classic stuff in there, too.

kyle said...

all henry miller is incredible. but black spring and tropic of capricorn changed my life.