August 26, 2007

Trans Pacific Adventure

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took me about 30 hours to get from san jose california to my apartment this week, 4 airports, 3 countries, 3 languages, 3 planes, a subway, a bus, a taxi and thousands of other players, here is a roundup of things i heard, read thought or said. in no particular order.

quarantine take off your glasses how many ounces is that its way too early for violence follow, Follow, FOLLOW! this is a no photo zone harassing TSA agents is a crime le me see all yal paspotes who else would have packed my bag, im 26 years old whats in the box do you have anything to declare is an airplane a good place to be trimming your nails no fireworks should i be leaving a secure area just to reenter a secure area its way too early for meat passport and boarding pass stay or transfer thats a lot of cigarettes this is a no photo zone meal service at 3 am? dad whats the dateline is that necessary i got so angry, but then it went away please act your age take off your hat this is a no photo zone why am i doing this again is this your first day on the job duty free shopping how much? no much? dont worry, its used! not a hot dog, a coffee!

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Chap said...

Hey Ian,
Some of my co-workers and I were running through your site and after seeing your sign they mentioned this site, ENJOY!!!