July 14, 2008

Movie Time

saw a kind of funny movie this weekend, it was like... seth rogen played this dude who got a high school girl with a funny name pregnant, she wanted an abortion but the baby had fingernails and she worked for E! and they didnt really know each other so they tried to get to know each other by eating lots of orange tic tacs and shrooms while at a cirque de soleil show. they were having money issues with their softcore porn site, so he started running on a track team which didnt really work out except for the sweet headband and the ball shorts. jason bateman and paul rudd were pretty funny as usual, decent music; velvet underground, sonic youth covered the carpenters, old dirty bastard, cat power covers waits, all in all in was nice to see a movie that makes random drunken single accidental teen pregnancy cool again!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aha, Seth Rogen didn't play the guy, it was Micheal Cera. :)