June 21, 2007

june 21

before i get in to this, there a two things you should know.
1) talking on a japanese bus is a no no. ride in silence. i dont care if your wife is cheating on you in the seat next to you, you can talk to her about it when you get off at your stop. the ride can actually be a bit creepy.
2) old japanese people not only think they are the most important people in the world, they expect to be treat that way. blasting in front of you in line, pushing you aside in the isles of a store, that sort of thing.
and now...im riding the bus to work today, maybe only 5 or 6 people on the bus. we stop at a really random sort of countryside stop, in the past 18 months, i have never seen anybody get on or off at this stop, so obviously im getting excited to see what exactly this tumble weed is thats boarding the bus. much to my amusement, its a realllllly old guy, maybe too old to be "out" by himself. but, not old in that slow moving fragile way, more in an absurdly confused way, that and he has got to be pushing 90. on the up side, he is wearing the coolest bright yellow levi's and a baby blue tee shirt. the six of us already on the bus are taking up a fraction of the 30 seats on the bus, so needless to say, this guy has lots of options as to wear to sit. naturally he picks a seat right next to a junior high kid, who gets this look of annoyance right away. about 5 min into this cowboys journey, im listening to my pod, minding my own business, and i can hear this odd sound coming from the front of the bus, but cant make it out while listening to my buds, but as soon as i pause, i can clearly hear mr yellow pants screaming at the school kid, who is wearing noise canceling over ear headphones. (side note: japanese puberty invested teens are awkward and freaked out beyond belief) so the kid eventually takes the covers off his ears, turns his head 90 degrees to find the old guy seriously yelling at him from 3 inches away, asking him "what stop do i get off at"! it takes every ounce of self control i have to not fall into the isle laughing, but i force myself to hold it in as to not throw this plot off course. at this point, the guy has been repeatedly yelling the kid the same question for 30 seconds, and in the rebelliousness (or scared shitlessness) of this kids attitude, he manages to stare this guy in the face, not replying, not making a sound or movement, he actually gave the blankest stare i have ever seen in my life, it would have been easy to convince me the kid was dead he was so stern in his glare. after yellow pants put together that the kid was of no help, he began roaming from passenger to passenger doing the same thing. i was feeling pretty bad for everybody, then it hit me that i was in his line of fire. just as he was about to attack me, the bus driver pulled over and told the guy that this is his stop. im still not sure that was his stop, or if it was even a bus stop at all, but im sure as hell glad he was no longer disturbing the bliss that is a japanese バス(bus)

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