June 22, 2007

june 22

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this week slate magazine started a new podcast called "the mixing desk". the idea is that slate magazine will discuss upcoming albums. for the first edition, they went with R kelly's new album double up (double up in this case means r kelly is about to have a threesome). i can not find any believable reason why they would do this, there is so much great music coming out now, and r kelly is one of the worst recoding "artists" i can think of, he is obvious, boring, culturally degrading, sexist, self actualized and possibly dangerous, but not in a tough ganster way, but more in a hangs out at parks in the afternoon to watch kids play way. not only is it idiotic to ever do a piece on r kelly's music, but to start a new project out this way? it would be like me opening up a new ice cream store and my introductory flavor being chocolate covered shit. slates music critic Jody Rosen is joined by Michael Agger as they point out all the atrocities of the album, lyrics that are so bad they make you want to scream (Girl, I got you so wet It's like a rain forest Like Jurassic Park Except I'm your sex-a-saurus) please keep in mind that in the back ground of this track there are monkeys and elephants sounding off. every beat on the album is the most generic R&B sound, the typical make out music that he has been making since 1992. Jody and Micheal go on for nearly 20 minutes about how laughable not only this album is, but r kelly as a person too(do remember that mr kelly has pending child porn charges where he had sex with a 15 year old, video taped it, finishing it off by peeing on her). so with all the tearing apart they do during the podcast, they sum it up by saying that they advise going out and buying double up. as a long time fan of slate magazine, i am highly disappointed by this lame mismanaged piece of insight. i almost feel like the record label payed for them to do this segment.(or at least paid for the bandwidth)

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