June 9, 2007

june 9

read about the webby awards today, they are a pretty lame set of awards presented to the "world's best websites", the kicker is, your acceptance speech can only be 5 words, some were pretty clever.

Artist of the Year
Beastie Boys: Can anyone fix my computer?

Social Networking
Facebook: I'm just here for Bowie.

Lifetime Achievement
David Bowie: I only get five words? Sh*t, that was five. Four more there. That's three. Two.

CNET.com: This one's for James Kim.

The Reggie Bush Project: Finally a Bush everyone loves.

Best Home/Welcome Page
Sony.com: The focus groups were right.

PBS KIDS Sprout: Mommy, what's a webby?

Blog - Business
DealBook: Hey Rupert, we're available. Call.

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