June 24, 2007

june 24

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sorry, im about 5 months late on this, forgive me for my regional handicap. 300 came out in theaters this week, so went to the late show. iv got to say i had a really great time. loved the graphic novel feel that it shared so well with sin city. the over muscled acting and bad dialogue was a perfect balance to the 117 minutes of CGI. unlike every marvel and DC adaptation it actually resembled a comic. here are a few things i thought about while watching the film
1- the writers had to really push hard to sell the idea of pride to the audience, there were numerous scenes that re and re and restated the philosophy of giving your all, possibly all the way to the grave, to something you believe in. this brought 2 things to mind. one were the 40 other people in the theater with me, all japanese. this idea of pride and self worth need not be pushed on them, it is a way of life for them. this is the same philosophy that put kamikaze pilots into pearl harbor, and essentially the life and death of the samurai. the second thought was that terrorists and more specifically suicide bombers carry this same set of ideals. which all above cases (spartans, kamikazis, jihadists, and samurais) support a powerful idea that motive and morals conquer brute strength, which could and should be applied to much of the international crisis we deal with in current day to day living.
2- i thought about GCI a lot, and how it has a great time and place. i would much rather watch a more traditional style of film, but if i want to sit back with my caramel popcorn and watch a movie shot on a green screen, i would much prefer 300 to spiderman, or dare i say....transformers.
i am now having memories of when 300 hit theater in the states and everybody was bitching about the muscular greasy men and the...uh...every other lame detail they could pick out, but seriously, how much fun would that movie have been if they all had the more realistic bodies of 40 year old? i think you have to be a grumpy old bastard to not like enjoy this film

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